My gaming page

I know most card games around in general circulation. I used to play bridge both at Nedlands bridge club in Perth, and online at Yahoo! Games As blackshadowshade.

Here's some bridge links:

I also used to be a roleplayer. My most recent experiences were in an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) game. You can read about our travels in the campaign log.

I have played the following systems:

while I refuse to play any of the other White Wolf systems, except maybe for Changeling, since they all seem too evil and dark to be fun. Incidentally, I have a very strong dislike of Camarilla, since I have seen it take over people's lives and thoughts—let this be a warning to all those who say that roleplaying is ALWAYS harmless. After all, the people most easily harmed are the people most likely to be involved: teenagers and young adults, still developing social skills.

I used to play some of the roleplaying card games, including

If you're looking for something a little different, have a look at CheapAss games. They're fun, different, and easy to learn. Why the name? Well, they've cut down on production costs by letting you provide all those things you already have -- counters, tokens, dice, coins ... I can truly endorse "Give me the Brain" as a great game that is easy to learn and a whole heap of laughs (especially the card "Look! A monkey!").