My music page

I can play piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, recorder, tin whistle and percussion (including drum kit) at varying levels of competence.

I have a long association with AICSA choirs, having sung with MUCS, PUCS, MonUCS, and ROCS. I am still actively associated with ROCS as a composer and occasional conductor.

Creative Commons License
Below is a list of almost all of my compositions, which are all licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. If you wish to perform any of the pieces, I would appreciate a courtesy email to let me know. If you want to download multitrack MIDI files, click on the title. Sheet music is available via the link in the appropriate column.

Title Instrumentation Sheet music Date completed Notes
Burgers Voice, piano Yes Nov 2016 A song for Rachel, my favourite burger bar waitress.
Psalm 148 Voice, conga, bongos Yes Jun 2016 A setting of Psalm 148.
Wondering SATB, a capella Yes Jan 2016 Entry for the ROCS Choral Composition Competition 2016.
Goodbye, mX! Mezzo-soprano Yes Jun 2015 This is an additional line to be sung over Senseless, bemoaning the loss of the free daily newspaper mX, which had been distributed to commuters in Melbourne since 2001.
Tim Tams Voice, piano No Jun 2014
Psalm 116 Voice, piano No Jun 2014 A setting of Psalm 116.
Imaginary you SATB, a capella Yes May 2013 Runner-up, ROCS Choral Composition Competition 2013.
I lift up my eyes to the mountains Voice plus accordion Yes May 2012 A setting of Psalm 121.
Senseless Four parts plus accompaniment Yes Apr 2012 Written for the first ROCS concert of 2012. The piano accompaniment is not written out in full. Instead, the required harmonic structure is indicated in the score, and the pianist is required to keep a regular crotchet beat, imitating the sound of a train travelling on tracks. There should be a four bar piano introduction, using the same chords as the first four bars, to set up the feeling of a moving train. At each divisi, the parts should remain roughly evenly represented. It is important that the singers NOT stand in orderly rows or voice groups, since the audience is supposed to perceive them as if they were on a crowded train.
Wie lieb sind mir deine Wohnungen, Herr Zebaoth M plus piano Yes Dec 2010 A setting of Psalm 84.
O Gott, du bist mein Gott M plus piano Yes Nov 2009 An interpretation of Psalm 63, based on melodies heard just before falling asleep.
Sing to the Lord MMB plus improvised piano backing Yes Aug 2008 This was written for Angelika's going away service.
An innocent man Solo voice plus ATB backing No Mar 2006 This is a short Easter song, written originally for my church choir in Berlin.
KBCV chant Multiple voices and body percussion No Sep 2005 Based on the name of the choir (Kleine Berliner Chorversuchung), it was written as a chant that they could use while they enter the room and arrange themselves on stage.
Leslie MATB and piano No Aug 2005 This ballad was written for ROCS to sing and designed specifically to have no soprano part since they had very few sopranos.
Ja, ich will euch tragen Mezzo-soprano, piano No Aug 2005 This was written for the wedding of Paul and Anja. The lyrics were originally a poem by Jochen Klepper and the music was written by Ellen and me.
So nimm denn meine Hände Mezzo-soprano, piano No Aug 2004 This was written for Jan's wedding, with lyrics written by Ellen, based on lyrics from a German hymn of the same name.
Irish blessing SATB, a capella No Apr 2004 An arrangement of a famous Irish blessing, written especially for a special ROCS concert featuring only original works by young Melbourne composers.
The self-fulfilling question Voice, piano No Dec 2003 Another of my ironic songs, to highlight the insanity of having a crush on someone.
Green Eggs and Ham Soprano, contralto, bass Yes Jun 2003 This is written in the style of a 60's advertisement, and has some barbershop qualities.
The Emperor's palace Piano Yes May 2003 This piece was written for a Grade 3 piano student. The theme is based on the Buddhist chant "Om Mani Padme Hum", and the harmonies around fourths and fifths.
Alone Mixed voices No May 2003 A three-part round.
How it was Baritone, piano No Sep 2002  
Life Baritone, piano No Apr 2002 Lyrics by Dyaminda.
Lost Contralto, piano No Nov 2001 This piece was improvised around a melody and a lyric line by Hespa.
The dragon Baritone, piano Yes Nov 2001  
Where are all the good men? Tenor, piano 
(to be rewritten for tenor voice, lead guitar, backing guitar, keyboard and drums)
Yes Aug 2000  
The way things were Mezzo-soprano, jazz instruments, piano Yes May 2000 Jazz piece, with lyrics by Sarah Chan.
My inspiration Bass, piano Yes Mar 2000  
San Diego suite: Flute   Feb 2000 Movements 1 and 2 were inspired by Kuumba Mbuka, playing on some steps in La Jolla, San Diego, California.
A touch Mezzo-soprano, piano Yes Jul 1999  
Song for Kat Bass, piano Yes Jun 1999  
Perpetual motion Mezzo-soprano, contralto, bass Yes Mar 1999 The atonal melody continually resurfaces in each voice part.
The tree Double bass No Mar 1999 Very slow and unchanging, this piece was inspired by one of Ricky's pictures.
Lullaby Mezzo-soprano, piano Yes Dec 1998  
My friend Bass, piano Yes Oct 1998  
Deep in my heart Flute or clarinet, piano Yes Sep 1998 Originally written for two voices and piano, this was rewritten for solo instrument and piano.
Goodbye Bass, piano Yes Sep 1998 Any bass singing this must have a very good low range.
Reason to live Baritone, piano No Jul 1998  
Her dream Bass, piano Yes Jun 1998  
Be still Bass, piano Yes Jun 1998  
Her chocolate cake Bass, piano Yes May 1998  
Tired Spoken voice, piano Yes May 1998 Only superficially atonal.
Away Baritone, piano Yes Apr 1998  
Hanging Baritone, piano Yes Apr 1998  
Motion Violin, viola, 'cello, piano Yes Mar 1998 About halfway through, each of the four instruments has a four-bar improvised cadenza (while the other instruments play a simple backing accompaniment) which has not been included, for obvious reasons.
The eternal song Baritone, piano No Feb 1998  
Two as one Mezzo-soprano, baritone, piano Yes Jul 1997 Written for Kerryn and Rik who were about to be married.
He who has ears Mezzo-soprano, piano Yes Nov 1996 Easter song
The Lord is my shepherd Mezzo-soprano, piano Yes May 1996 Psalm 23